Liza Ekole, PharmD.,PhD. Speaker, Leadership Expert, Healthcare Innovator, Philanthropist

“Diversity and Inclusion Starts with You” ~ Dr. Liza

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Dr. Liza Ekole is a Global Authority on Interpersonal and Interprofessional Leadership, a sought-after Inspirational Speaker, an expert in Physician Engagement, a Healthcare innovator with more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and a philanthropist. She holds two Doctorates: Pharmacy and Leadership. Dr. Liza immigrated from Cameroon to the U.S.A, and her career journey has taken her from working at McDonald's, to being a Clinical Pharmacist, to owning her Retail Pharmacy, to being the Director of a Hospital Pharmacy, to training Senior Consultants from Fortune 100 companies on her signature leadership concepts to speaking at Harvard multiple times during the Global Health Catalyst Summit; a yearly event dedicated to high-impact professionals from all over the world. She is the author and publisher of the only scholarly research on Relational Intelligence as a framework for Collaboration between Physicians and Pharmacists. Dr. Liza is the founder of Collaborative Relational Intelligence® Leadership Inc. She is proud of her humble beginnings.

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